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At ARTbar we strive to provide a positive, creative outlet in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our hope is to inspire the community to discover their imaginative side and cross the bar into other dimensions of creativity. The classes we offer require no experience. Our advanced classes cover a variety of mediums and diverse styles and are taught by different guest artists. And of course liquid inspiration will be available. Open your door to creativity.


Are we the Art Bar, because it is where we will teach others to bar their self-doubt, to bar their inhibitions, to bar their “I cannot be an artist”. It is a place to banish self-limitations.

There are some traditions that call the bar the boundary between worlds. Most appropriate. So is it the Art Bar because, the artist, the true artist walks between worlds. Most appropriate, we understand raising the bar, we understand barring negativity, we understand crossing the bar into another dimension, but for good measure we may desire to share a glass of wine or two. Understood.

Society calls a bar a place where we may join the company of others in spirits.

So be it, we are raising the bar, we are barring the negativity, and we are crossing the bar.

So be it, choose your own path and hold the moment. The moment belongs to you.

Put a creative twist on your next get together

If you live in the Grand Junction area, contact Artbar for your next party.
We offer the chance to host a wine and painting party where you can relax and share a fun adventure together.

Birthday Party

engagement party

Girl's Night out

team building or work event

baby Shower

Club Meeting or Fundraiser

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”